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If you’re an elite professional athlete you need every edge over the competition you can get. In a world where winning is divided into inches or milliseconds there is no room for error. As a household name millions of men and women trust Adidas to be at their best. This global brand is one of the most recognizable logos on the planet, with offices all over the world and headquartered in Herzogenaurach Germany. Adidas has managed to take a challenging dip in the industry

With over 55,000 staff the IT team at Adidas needs to enable this mobile workforce to safely use technology wherever they are. At the heart of the business is the exchange of ideas and materials from suppliers all over the world and with so many people coming and going the team had to find a solution which could identify and secure connectivity from any supplier.

Finding the talent to bring an innovative solution which could work in this challenging environment was task of their Systems team.

With no shortage of technical skills on the bench the team wanted to find a service provider that could do more than just provide off the shelf technology. Their top priorities were:

  • Augment national identity system encryption to single-sign-on to security gateways
  • Interface with any backend identity store to provide access based on any identity
  • Offer an experienced team that could deliver on any custom technology or application in house
Many vendors had petitioned for the work, offering the team purpose built software, off-the-shelf customizations and Adidas put them to the test.

What they found was that although some brands offered sophisticated software but were unable to interface with the custom systems in use.

With IntelliGO Networks they found a team with a deep understanding of the protocols and systems that could adjust and provide a re-usable and expandable configuration for their needs.

Now, Adidas offers a simple and robust authentication and encryption solution across all their systems keeping them safe from un-authorized use and protecting their brand.

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