Lululemon Improves Cyber Security tries new Yoga Poses

Imagine the coolest place to go to work, one where it felt as though you could dedicate all your time to creating something awesome and were rewarded for it. As one of Canada’s most recognizable brands Lululemon is that kind of place. With headquarters in Vancouver that look like a temple for aspiring Yogis it’s hard to imagine this athletic wear powerhouse is a multi-billion dollar global enterprise

As innovators in athletic wear customers expect inspiration in their in-store experience that moves away from traditional line-ups and displays at Lululemon. To provide their customers a better experience the company was looking for a way to take payments from staff anywhere in the store, an idea not yet implemented in other retail stores at the time.

For the IT department this challenge presented a few risks, how would they secure the devices and network access to safeguard customer and corporate information. What operating systems would they support and how would these integrate with the existing applications and network?
Key challenges in selecting a vendor were to provide:

  • Seamless device management and network security restrictions for mobile payment systems
  • Integration with existing network and identity systems
  • Simple deployment and safeguards to lock, wipe or selectively remove access and data from mobile systems
As the team evaluated what they needed was a single vendor that could deliver the project on-time. IntelliGO was uniquely positioned to deliver the technology and service in a pilot program of only a few weeks. After a successful pilot IntelliGO and Lululemon have kept an exceptional uptime and security posture for patrons and their mobile devices.

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