Education BYOD and 1:1 programs with IntelliGO Networks

IT Departments at Educational Institutions are more critical than ever. Administrators are required to provide Bring Your Own Device and 1:1 programs to ensure every student has equal opportunity to learn and close the digital divide. Network and Security managers are also looking for ways to secure the network and protect devices. All while control network traffic to ensure optimal performance and uptime AND of course being as efficient and cost effective as possible.

As the table below shows, typically Enterprise grade security is rarely implemented:
Often, these networks are not protecting user traffic with strong encryption or capable of offering user or device centric rules for network access. More frequently departments will sacrifice security believing ease of use to be more important. This leaves departments without visibility, control and security automation to provide a secure experience for users and devices on their network.
As the below shows this is true even though there are a lot of capabilities in the security and network equipment as well as the devices on the network. But these are typically not used, leaving an opening to a number of security issues Such as:

      Malware and viruses entering the network
      Anonymous user traffic leaving no accountability for browsing and network activity from internal users.
      Lack of device control which leaves departments unable to make central changes, on-board to the network or provide applications to users to help them learn.
      It also leaves infrastructure such as servers, printers and staff workstations open to Cyber Security attacks without continually monitoring for security.
Most of our firewall and network security features were off because we couldn't configure endpoints to use them.
- K-12 School Board Client
So why not simply turn on these features? With a lack of control IT departments don’t have a solution that can overcome the challenges in dealing with device, security software, identity and network challenges preventing them from enabling stronger security for their devices and network. - Typical reasons there are no enterprise features in education networks

That’s why IntelliGO focuses on the pain points of enabling secure enterprise features for the network and devices to help automate the process of discovering devices and security issues and controlling the network access with WPA2 security and by controlling the devices that access the network even without an agent.

IntelliGO sits off-path in your network and can discovery any device or security issue without needing to deploy endpoint software. We do this by first listening to network traffic and then by Agentless scans of network devices and hosts on the network.

With a near-time picture of the network IntelliGO can now provide authentication for any connection scenario. Such as:
      Remote or cloud access with 2 Factor authentication.
      Username and Passwords to automate Guest Creation and Access Rights
      User Certificates for Single-Sign-On to the network on BYOD devices
      Machine Certificates which mass deploy to multi-user devices such as Chromebook or iPads in 1:1 programs
     Any network connected device can also be automatically authorized and controlled by smart MAC Address authentication

Once on the network you can rest assured that devices are protected for networking and you can support application, location and security services for all major platforms.

IntelliGO is a single platform that can help you enabled BYOD and 1:1 programs replacing expensive MDM, NAC and Identity Integrations that prevent Education Networks from implementing secure enterprise access for their users. IntelliGO is an affordable approach to secure the network and devices with a single license.
Helping you get more out of Next Generation Firewalls and URL filters, Security Information and Event Management systems lowering costs and complexity.

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