Rexall Restores Visibility and Control with 2 doses of IntelliGO Networks

Rexall is all about improving people's lives. When you travel out to a pharmacy chances are you’re not at your best. As a business, they need to do everything they can to make sure their customers feel as comfortable as possible. For Rexall, managing a country-wide network and maintaining that experience has unique challenges.

With sensitive information travelling the wires every day the CyberSecurity threat is particularly acute for Rexall. The Security team must maintain Cyber resilience while also capturing and reporting on regulatory compliance. With a seasoned team at the helm protecting the network, applications and data is a primary focus.

When evaluating technology market leading technology must prove to meet a higher standard. That’s why when tasked with securing centralized egress the team sought to build a next generation cybersecurity perimeter which could meet current and future threats. To meet this challenge meant considerations for Cloud, Network and Endpoints and the coordination between these components.
At a minimum Rexall hoped to achieve Cyber Resilience by providing:

  • Next Generation Security of Devices, Users, Applications and Content including threat prevention
  • Protection against Zero-Day attacks and triage for CyberSecurity response teams
  • Compliance reports to provide auditors and stakeholders with information to attest to the rigour of the department
  • Consolidation of legacy perimeter products with a focus on coordination between endpoint products and cloud software

After evaluating several companies to deliver on this, Rexall found that the experience and technology integration from IntelliGO Networks could not only supply new equipment but provide expertise on migration from legacy platforms. This assured that the mission-critical network remained operational throughout the migration.
Today Rexall continues to expand on their CyberSecurity investments protection against advanced threats and exploits across their infrastructure and assuring a positive customer experience.
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