IntelliGO Graduates Summa Cum Laude as Western University Controls 100% of Apps

Western University is one of the leading research and development institutions in the country it might take a lot to impress the IT team when it comes to technology. With home-grown applications and systems that rival most enterprise software companies Western University IT department has a lot of capabilities in house.

Running the City of London Extranet and tens of thousands of students and residents might have a small part in pioneering many network and systems management efforts. As the student network became much more dense and Wireless networking devices starting multiplying per individual Western was looking to regain visibility and control of their traffic. Protecting their intellectual property was no small feat either as the public facing and open learning institution is under constant attack across departments. Brute Force, Denial of Service and malware attacks targeting external facing systems requires the type of CyberSecurity that can withstand anything the Internet can throw at it.

Outside of maintaining performance, stopping any threat and consolidating technology the team also needed a team as dedicated to innovation as they are. The team was looking to:

  • Respond to CyberSecurity Threats from unauthorized applications, vulnerabilities, spyware and denial of service attacks
  • Provide a single architecture which could scale to 20 Gbps line rate prevention which could support active-active site redundancy
  • Provide transparent policies that included non-blocking mitigation to maintain academic freedom but provide remediation to threat traffic
  • An experienced integration team that could cut-over without downtime

With months of preparation IntelliGO Networks had proposed next generation security technology for their perimeter. What stood out for the seasoned staff was that the technology could perform under the strain of the environment and that the IntelliGO team could begin securing traffic from day 1.
With several years in operation, Western University continues to invest in CyberSecurity with IntelliGO Networks and has been on panels, discussions and Partner events as an advocate of the technology and team for the education space.
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