CyberSecurity Advisory

CyberSecurity Advisory Services

IntelliGO Networks is a dedicated team of CyberSecurity experts. Our advisory services provide a great way to introduce or optimize all aspects of your security program.

  • Penetration Testing: Evaluate your security posture and meet compliance regualtions by performance a vulnerability scan and/or penetration test
  • CyberSecurity Solution Integration: Use our team of qualified experts to gain the most out of your technology investment by providing installation, optimization or managed services. We specialize in NAC, NGFW, SIEM and IAM.
  • Technology Gap Analysis: Audit your security tools such as Firewalls, SIEM or configuration on Directories and Networking Equipment with a gap analysis to determine the ideal configuration for your IT assets with respect to security. We specialize in hardening Active Directory, Network Equipment, Next Generation Firewalls, SIEM and IAM
  • Policy Creation & Analysis:Users require training and guidelines that inform them of safe processes to use during their work day. This service allows us to introduce policies that will protect you from a legal perspective as well as help users understand how to avoid unintended risks by providing a standard

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing

Using our Penetration testing services, organizations can find vulnerabilies in a their IT environments.

  • Web-Application Security: Use IntelliGO Networks Ethical Hacking team to uncover vulnerabilities in your customer web applications. Using the Open Web Application Security Projects top threats we discover many issues such as SQL injection, Scripting attacks and other logic based attacks tools can't find by themselves.
  • Black-Box Remote Penetration Test: Provide us the IP space and we'll get to work enumerate and exploiting services as if we were an external attacker. Use this service to outline exposure to information gathering and remote service exploits and see if an attacker can bypass perimeter measures to get at your systems and data.
  • Control Framework Adoption: See how ISO27001, PCI DSS 3 or other standards would rate your internal infrastructure. While not an official audit, this service can prepare customers by adhering to best practises.
  • Open Source Security Testing Methodology: Using this method our Ethical Hacking team will evaluate your exposure to attackers with the current release of exploit kits. This shows exposure to known, published vulnerabilities and is a good step to ensuring an attacker would have to try harder to exploit your systems.

Gap Analysis

CyberSecurity Technology Gap Analysis

Most of our customers adopt great technology, but because of competing priorities and an inability to constantly invest in applying new features some improvements can be applied to keep them more secure. This service allows us to optimize technology on your premise that we are experts in. We'll measure the capability for your tools to prevent threats, operate with high performance and ensure the configuration is providing the value you need.

  • Next Generation Firewall Audit: Optimize Rules, Profiles, SSL-Inspection and Alerts/Reports to optimze your investment in NGFWs. Most customers benefit from applying new features and learning how to operate these tools on a daily basis to prevent threats.
  • SIEM Optimization: Collecting logs is one thing but what types of threats does your SIEM find? With this service our engineers will go over rules, collection, reports and alerts to demonstrate ideal response processes to gain actionable threat intelligence. Customers enjoy the benefit of finding issues with these tools and spending less time managing data.
  • Identity and Access Management: With our team to augment your deployment fo IAM we deliver a strong, repeatable process for brining new applications into IAM systems. Use this service if you are deploying or need to understand the ideal workflow for existing IAM installations.
  • Networking/Network Access Control: Customers use this service to operationalize Network Access Control and harden thier networks without distrupting user connectivity. Our experts can guide you through the ideal configuration scenario for 802.1X and hardening of Wireless or VPN access to ensure secure connectivity.

CyberSecurity Policies

Security Policy Creation and Review

To ensure all members of your organization are as focused on CyberSecurity as you are training and policies must be in place to guide them. With our experience in sensitive document and system handling procedures we can offer Policy Review or introduce Policies and Training. Customers benefit from doing this periodically to keep up with trends such as BYOD or the increasing mobility, cloud and networking landscape. Odds are if you haven't refreshed your policies this year there are significant gaps in your organization understanding how to deal with new things at their disposal.

  • Security Awareness Training: We can setup Training Materials and Tests to ensure users are following the appropriate guidelines as part of thier day to day work.
  • Acceptable Usage Policies: Internet, Cloud, Mobile, Information Handling IntelliGO Networks can show you where to start and how to cover you bases.
  • Information Handling Practises: Documentation on the creation, storage and modification of sensitive information can have implications on compliance and potential legal ramifications if done incorrectly. Our team can guide you through processes used to ensure safeguards for sensitive information.
  • Data Loss Prevention/Data Classification: IntelliGO Networks has worked on many Data Loss Prevention projects, with our team driving workshops with your business units we can discover sensitive process and align policies both paper and within DLP tools to secure information at Rest, In Motion and during execution.


Education Institutions

To optimize network performance and ensure a consistent learning experience many educational institutions must put safeguards on Intellectual Property used by Staff and ensure safe browsing for students. Thrawting attacks is also top of mind for institutions hosting many applications across different departments. Typical K-12, College/Universities and Private Schools have used IntelliGO Networks to:

  • Segmentation Staff/Student Traffic: Using Next Generation Tools we provide an consistent separation across Staff, Student and Contractors with full inspection over SSL, User-ID and Content rules for all users on all devices across any connection type.
  • Network Access Control Integration: With very large deployments an any number of hosts typical NAC implementations require a more experienced vendor. We combine segementation across filters and the network to ensure safe-browsing, single sign on and simple enrollment on any device.
  • Threat Prevention: Stopping threats while maintaining performance. Customers in Education comment that prevention was immediate, cut-over was painless and tools consolidated to a single pane of glass to protect Cloud, Network and Endpoint

Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

Transportantion, Utilities and Energy Agencies participating in Critical Infrastructure maintenance, operations or support require a dedicated partner to ensure security measures are applied across sub-stations and data centers.

  • Penetration Testing: Ensure that Wireless networks at substations, applications and networks are secure by performing simulated attacks on non-production equivalents. Harden systems without bringing them down.
  • Hardening of VM/Network Ensuring only authorized devices can connect to the network is paramount to securing devices that interface with Critical Infrastructure. Customers use these services to harden network switches, firewalls and system configuration of these systems.
  • Awareness Training: Ensure that your training program includes new risks by enchancing existing tests and learning modules for new vectors such as Cellular, USB, Cloud and Advanced SCADA threats.

Financial & Insurance

Financial institutions typically use our CyberSecurity consulting service to optimize existing technology we are experts in. We've been successful at deploying secure networking, hardening firewalls and awareness training with many different Financial Institutions

  • Hardening of Networks: Use Technology Gap Analysis to ensure that network switches, wireless and authentication systems are configured ideally. WIPS and other types of lower level attacks benefit from stock tutorial or vendors configuring best practise for performance and forgetting about security.
  • Firewall Optimization: Our team can examine hundreds of rules, performance and ability to prevent threats with NGFWs and Stateful Firewalls. We've been very successful at providing valuable configuration support and insight for large scale deployments of firewalls in various configurations from Merchant Banking to Internal Datacenter.
  • SIEM Optimization: IntelliGO Networks benefits from having over 650 clients with the same tools and optimizing them for over 11 years provides valuable intellectual property when defining SIEM rules and Reports to go beyond compliance check boxes and providing actionable Threat Intelligence.



Government & Agencies

Municipal, Pronvincial and Federal government agencies typically use IntelliGO Networks for implementation or augmentation of security tools and penetration testing. The typical engagement is to audit existing configuration and professional services to integrate new features. Our Ethical Hacking team also provides penetration testing of community applications or on off-the-shelf software that may need to be validated prior to purchase.

  • Penetratoin Testing: SCAP/OVAL and other standards require continuous investment from government in 3rd party penetration testing. Our team provides new tools and perspectives on these exercises, where larger firms merely run scans.
  • Harden Firewalls: Govenment Agencies typically invest in best of breed security technology and require a team like IntelliGO Networks to optimize the configuration in order to take advantage of next generation rules. Of particular success is the ability to enable advanced features such as SSL-Decryption, Appliaction-Based policies and augment User-based rules.
  • SIEM Integration/Optimization: With limited time and budgets IntelliGO Networks typically operationalizes SIEM for Government clients and focuses on enabling Risk Based reports. Many agencies don't require audit or 3rd party standards to guide them through the process of using a SIEM and the IntelliGO Networks team offers its own guideline. This helps maintain and gain value from a system otherwise underutilized.

Health Care

Health Care & Agencies

Health Care customers of IntelliGO Networks typically integrate complex technologies with little available downtime. This requires expert integration from a company that understands to legacy and new technology. Our integration service provides migration of configuration as well as cutover and day 2 support. Typically this involves:

  • Firewall Migratoin Services: Going from stateful inspection legacy firewalls to NGFWs can be daunting with no tolerance for dropping traffic and identifying custom applications. Our team is experienced at migrated health care providers with Data Center firewall projects without disrupting applications such as Gold Care, HIAL 7 and Client-Server from Medical Devices.
  • SIEM Implementation: Our HIPAA/PHIPPA based templates will assist new or existing SIEM customers in health care ensure post-migration audits are maintained and additional risk-based reports are used to understand cyber threats internally.
  • Technology Audit for Compliance: Providing Gap Analysis on the current state of networking and security hardware allows a road-map for most institutions to prioritize their CyberSecurity Spend.

Legal & Professional Services Agencies

Medium sized Law Firms are typically targeted with Fraud and advanced threats such as Ransomware. Our service offers a simple litmus testing. If a sample Ransomware file were to enter by USB, HyperLink or through Email Attachment how well could the organization protect itself? With our Gap Analysis and Integration Services medium size firms can benefit from our experience in ensuring a lower attacks surface and preparedness for events such as Ransomware implemntation.

  • Technology Gap Analysis: Find out if your IPS, Endpoint Software or Anti-Spam can protect against Ransomware by auditing configuration and running simulations with the IntelliGO Networks Ethical Hacking team.
  • Penetration Testing: As part of regular 3rd party tests invite IntelliGO Networks for a new perspective including wireless attacks, web application attacks and malware simulations.
  • Firewall/SIEM Implementation: using the ABA CyberSecurity Guide as a guidelines IntelliGO Networks will apply rules and analytics to optimize threat prevention across SIEM and NGFWs.


Retail & Merchants

Retailers and Merchants have trusted IntelliGO Networks to optimize their security technology and infrastructure. Past engagements with Global retailers have focused on hardening of internal systems and auditing of SIEM tools.

  • SIEM Optimization: Providing advice on rules and reports to capture PCI DSS related information and to ensure risk reduction with specialized queries and reports geared at finding current generation threats.
  • Firewall Implementation/Hardening: Configure Firewall, Endpoint and Cloud coordination to prevent Ransomware and advanced threats.
  • Wireless Audits: Our team examines wireless encryption protocols to ensure access from Scan Guns and other warehouse systems are connected securely.