IntelliGO Training

IntellIGO Network Access Control Course

This training course is intended for IT security analysts and engineers who are preparing to deploy or have already deployed IntelliGO technology and need to better understand the functionality, features, configuration and reporting capabilities.  

This course is taught by experienced senior security engineers who have relevant experience with the technology. The course prepares students with the ability to effectively implement the technology to its fullest capabilities (e.g., monitoring, controls, policies, integration & reporting) and customizing the technology to better meet business requirements.

Day 1: Introduction to IntelliGO

  • What business challenges the IntelliGO solution solves
  • What is IntelliGO and How does it Work from a User and IT administrator standpoint?
  • What Features and Functions does IntelliGO Offer?
  • IntelliGO maintenance support and escalations
  • IntelliGO IGO 1000 IGO 2000 differences
  • Questions and answer sessions to prepare for the exam

Day 2: Staging and Configuration

  • NAC features and Self provisioning
  • MDM functionality and features set up
  • Installing and removing applications
  • IntelliGO Documentation
  • Questions and answer sessions to prepare for the exam

Day 3: Advanced set up and Troubleshooting

  • Manual provisioning of digital certificates on different mobile OS platforms
  • Application restrictions on Android and iOS
  • HA configuration set up and failure scenario
  • Backup and Restoration
  • Logs and report creation
  • Upgrading to a new version of IntelliGO
  • Questions and answer sessions to prepare for the exam