Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

IntelliGO Risk Mitigation Center (RMC) provides you with advanced CyberSecurity services supporting your operations team. We support you by proactively identifying issues and threats and providing prompt response, expert advice and thought leadership. We are flexible and custom tailor each managed services for you. We take time to understand the environment we manage and make decisions based not only on the data we see, but in context of your environment and business operations. We also incorporate Risk Management into your CyberSecurity Operations. All of this allows us to make more intelligent decisions and make your CyberSecurity program more efficient and cost effective. Our Risk Mitigation Center (RMC) provides broad range of services including:

  • Managed Network Access Control: Achieve unmatched visibility and control over your network. Managed NAC Services take the guesswork out of access control, certificate management, device onboarding, endpoint management and CyberSecurity automation.
  • Managed Threat Prevention: Minimize the risk of breach to your organization through advanced CyberSecurity services supported by the best of breed technologies and Elite CyberSecurity Experts.
  • Managed Threat Intelligence: Maximize CyberSecurity visibility to stop any malicious cyber behavior in your organization through advanced security analytics and threat hunting.
  • Managed Penetration Testing: Stay ahead of CyberSecurity threats by continuously testing your systems and applications, uncovering and helping you fix new security issues before the bad guys find their way in.
  • All-Four: Provide your network the protection it needs by combining our ultimate integrated offering to protect you 24/7 with Threat Prevention, Analytics, Network Control and Penetration Testing.

Managed Network Access Control

Managed Network Access Control

IntelliGO Networks provides a complete set of services to secure and manage access to and on your networks. The service leverages best of breed CyberSecurity technologies to secure and control your networks on all layers.

  • Device Control and Monitoring: Achieve 360° Visibility and Control on your network and devices. Help Prevent attacks before they reach the target or after compromise. Provision secure access and automate access decisions through flexible security policies.
  • Certificate Management: Manage certificate deployment and lifecycle on your corporate devices helping you successfully achieve your authentication, monitoring and data protection goals.
  • Threat Prevention: Manage advanced network technologies to detect and thwart CyberSecurity threats before they reach the target. Minimize risks of malware infection, vulnerability exploits and external penetration.
  • Inventory and Compliance: Use the data collected through our NAC service to create an asset list of devices on your network and identify the devices that do not comply with your policies and standards, helping you pinpoint the device location and user for fast remediation.

Managed Threat Prevention

Managed Threat Prevention

IntelliGO Managed Services will leverage best of breed CyberSecurity technologies and risk management practices to minimize the risk of successful cyber attacks. Our services help organizations like yours to combat the following threats:

  • Malware: Minimize the risk of malware and other programmed threats reaching the target through network traffic analysis, system behaviour analytics and monitoring indicators of compromise.
  • Targeted Attacks: We'll help you mitigate cyber attacks against your web applications by stopping attacker from exploiting application vulnerabilities and compromising availability of your systems through DDoS.
  • Social Threats: The IntelliGO team can identify and thwart social engineering attempts to obtain confidential data, financial information and credential through email and social media.

Managed Threat Intelligence

Managed Threat Intelligence

IntelliGO Networks Manage Services for SIEM will help you monitor the CyberSecurity of your organization, identifying incidents often before your user, systems and data are affected. Advanced security and behaviour analytics tools along with our threat hunting practice allow us to implement proactive security monitoring and response for your organization:

  • Security Intelligence: The IntelliGO team will help you achieve a full visibility for your organizations through security data produced by your systems. By applying risk profile custom developed for your organization the data analysis will allow early detection of CyberSecurity threats and incidents.
  • Security Posture Assessment: Encryption, Password protection, Operating System patch level, Anti-malware protection Patch management clients, Potentially unwanted applications (File sharing, toolbars, etc.), Endpoint detection & response (EDR) clients and more
  • Behaviour Analytics: Through profiling behaviour of systems, users and network devices, IntelliGO team will be able to detect a system compromise at its early stages minimizing the impact of security incidents.
  • Threat Hunting: By combining our penetration testing expertise with security analytics, we are able to detect advanced threats through newly uncovered vulnerabilities and attack methods and apply the produced data both historically and in real-time to your security monitoring systems to detects any complex attacks.

Managed Penetration Testing

Managed Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is an important part of CyberSecurity Assurance. This is why regular testing is important for organization security posture. Our Managed Services team will be happy to provide penetration testing on a regular basis and upon request.

  • Vulnerabilities Management: Our team will assist your organization in identifying the system vulnerabilities and running an automated patch and virtual patch management program to help you mitigate any related cyber risks.
  • Penetration Testing:IntelliGO Networks executes targeted penetration testing on a regular basis to ensure your applications and systems are resilient against the cyberthreats.
  • Security Regression Testing: As your applications evolve so are the threats. The IntelliGO team will execute both vulnerabilities and penetration testing against each new version of your web applications to mitigate security risks.


Education Institutions

K-12 School Boards, Colleges and Universities require Network Access Control and Device Management at tremendous scale and ease of use to match their diverse device population. To this end IntelliGO provides better value for Educational institutions by providing:

  • Managed NAC: Provide Chromebook, iOS, OSX, Windows and BYOD for 1 to 1 enablement without capital outlay. Offer students a choice of operating system and authorize each connection.
  • Managed Threat Prevention: Provide a Safe-Browsing experience with Application, URL, Content protection based on Users or Device types, with one, scalable platform.
  • Threat Intelligence: Provide Big-Data analytics of each of the systems in your environment. Use techniques to find and report on any issue from usage, threats in realtime at any volume.
  • Penetration Testing: Ensure your application servers and network are resilient to Cyber Attacks with a continual penetration testing service.

Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

Utilities, Transportation and Manufacturing organizations are particularly sensitive to the SCADA networks that operate critical infrasture for municipalities all over the world. This little known technology is at high risk of exploit from code-bases that are dated and little in the way of security implemented directly in the protocol. To combat this, IntelliGO Networks can provide the following ehancements to the SCADA network security

  • Managed NAC: Provide 24/7 monitoring of every network connection, ensure SCADA control systems are protected by monitoring all IP connected devices next to management systems.
  • Managed Threat Prevention: Ensure a continual prevention of Advanced Persisten Threats against critical infrastructure and across your network.
  • Managed Threat Intelligence: Meet NERC and other standards by connecting all sources of network and system information into a Silo of security intelligence.
  • Managed Penetration Testing: Ensure CyberSecurity by continual assessments of your systems to ensure all new threats don't go undetected by stale evaluations.

Financial & Insurance

IntelliGO protects financial from the growing threat of internal risks. Misuse of corporate data on mobile devices and the growing need to produce authentication across any device at scale and keep up to date with access requirements is a challenge most NACs are not prepared for. IntelliGO can:

  • Managed NAC: Meet OSFI, FISMA and PCI DSS regulatory compliance by ensure PKI based access Wired, Wireless and VPN systems. Audit and assure compliance continuously.
  • Managed Threat Prevention: Provide a second set of eyes on configuraiton and 24/7 expert CyberSecurity vigilence to capture threats at all hours of the day.
  • Managed Threat Intelligence: Provide compliance and triaging of events to focus your efforts on CyberSecurity resilience with 24/7 SIEM/NBAD monitoring.
  • Managed Penetration Testing: Have a dedicated team working around the clock to examine CyberSecurity posture for new and advanced CyberSecurity threats.



Government & Agencies

Municipal, Pronvincial and Federal government agencies house very sensitive information such as PII and Confidential documents. There are many mandated policies and regulations such as FISMA, NERC, ISO/IEC 27001 and the GDPR that aim to protect this information. IntelliGO can play a big part in these security frameworks by:

  • Managed NAC: Ensure on-boarding and client support as well as network troubleshooting for 802.1X enforcement on your network. We provide 24/7 monitoring and management of Guest and Contractor access using our own IntelliGO Network Access Control solution.
  • Managed Threat Prevention: Provide constant threat prevention across Cloud, Network and Endpoint with one Platform and our Elite 24/7 CyberSecurity response team.
  • Managed Threat Intelligence: Use your SIEM for more than just compliance, have the IntelliGO Networks team offer you 24/7 threat intelligence to find and stop threats faster.
  • Managed Penetration Testing: Check if your systems are vulnerable to new attacks, move vulnerability management and penetration tests from one-off yearly exercises to a continous process.

Health Care

Health Care & Agencies

Health care providers and agencices need to do more with less. With IntelliGO a unified approach to discovering any device including Internet of Things (IoT) and medical devices as well as authenticating them provides a hardened network for staff. IntelliGO helps health care providers and agencies by:

  • Managed NAC: Ensure 802.1X compliance and auditing with 24/7 support for onboarding and management of network access without putting your network at risk
  • Managed Threat Prevention: Ensure HIPAA and Threat Prevention continuously by protecting Applications, Users and Content across Cloud, Network and Endpoint
  • Managed Threat Intelligence: Meet compliance, find and stop threats faster with 24/7 managed SIEM/NBAD and Elite CyberSecurity experts.

Legal & Professional Services Agencies

The ABA Cybersecurity Handbook: A Resource for Attorneys, Law Firms and Business Professionals provides practical cyber threat information, guidance, and strategies to lawyers and law firms of all sizes. The guide considers the interrelationship between lawyer and client, establishing what legal responsibilities and professional obligations are owed to the client in the event of a cyber attack. The book provides strategies to help law firms defend against the cyber threat, and also offers information on how to best to respond if breached. Many aspects of the ABA's advice on CyberSecurity fall directly into auditing the security and access to information and IntelliGO provides necessary tools by:

  • Managed NAC: Provide continuous auditing and control of every endpoint through 802.1X with a dedicated on-site IGO appliance, investigate security threats, compliance issues and all endpoints, applications and users on the network.
  • Managed Threat Prevention: Ensure security with 24/7 protection against ransomware, virus and Cyber attacks on your employees.
  • Managed Threat Intelligence: Track any issues across all systems with a managed SIEM/NBAD and CyberSecurity experts 24/7.
  • Managed Penetration Testing: Continuous monitoring of threats against your communication and application servers. Ensure insider threats scenarios are mitigated by being the first to see them.


Retail & Merchants

Retailers are concerned about Data Breaches and core to this problem is providing access across different domains. IntelliGO is a better way to secure POS systems, ATMs, kiosks and other endpoints while keeping pace with regulations and network standards. IntelliGO helps retailers address PCI DSS 3.0 compliance and provide and increase confidence for customers and shareholders by:

  • Managed NAC: It's no secret that retailers need to control access to their environment. Segment systems from Partners, Contractors and Guests internally and monitor all IoT and unmanaged device access.
  • Managed Threat Prevention: Block Expoits across Cloud, Network and Endpoint with Application, User and Content control. Coupled with 24/7 CyberSecurity expertise your mission critical processing systems will remain whole during a Cyber attack.
  • Managed Threat Intelligence: Meet compliance and manage threats with help 24/7 in achieving PCI DSS compliance.
  • Managed Penetration Testing: Provide ASV/QSA and CyberSecurity assurance by auditing your network and systems 24/7 with our Elite CyberSecurity team's continuous penetration testing process.